Mixed Media

  • Four Of Hearts

Four of Hearts
Acrylic, graphite, Found Images and Objects on Paper

Awakening to a hand that has been dealt may be a pleasant or miserable experience. Despite the results, games are endured by many; adults and children, the young and the old, the fortunate and the not so fortunate.

When it comes to our existence on earth, there are several philosophies that life is (or similar to) a board game. Some choose to wait and see how things will play out and others eventually fold. Four of Hearts is a display of playful colours, objects and images that together form an innocent lighthearted surface, however upon further scrutiny a more sinister message unveils. Piercing in and out throughout the piece, barbed wire generates a sense of flow despite its associated connotations. A woman’s legs, scandalously contradicts its surrounding childish feel, yet preserves the sense of playfulness and further pushes the idea that “play” continues throughout all ages of life.

Life is what we make it; it always has been and always will be. How one decides to play it is upon them. As Terri Guillements states “life’s not always fair- Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow”. Four of Hearts resembles a positive outlook of which life should always remain a game that includes everyone and sometimes leaves various cards left unturned.

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