Mixed Media

  • Blue Boy

Blue Boy

At first blush, familiar childhood laughter and energy appears but upon further scrutiny, a sense of confusion and unknown surfaces. The familiar becomes strange through a collected collage of nursery rhymes, art, and objects. Relevant to their period of time these objects become obscured over a passage of time. Taking on a darker side in today’s gender neutral, socially acceptable, and sexually tolerable society, impressions left by the questionable criteria used are subject to extreme political ‘correctiveness’. Blue boy, a stalwart of twentieth century work acts as a traditional stereotype of older social norms isolated by his enclosed frame. He, a champion icon of fundamental art is surrounded by a more contemporary, realistic depiction of today and its societal problems and views on socially accessible art. Unobvious at first, the concept of old and new, socially accepted and non socially accepted alternates through the confusion and randomness that lays on the canvas for those to engage with.

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