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Acrylic and Newsprint on Paper 29″x45.5″

Pursuing dreams of heavenly utopia and life through easy gain, the commonalities of these dreams are unrealistic. As indicated in Barry Callaghan’s short story Déjà Vu, everything ought to be “peaches and cream. That’s how life should be.”

Is the utopia that many strive for seen as a realistic goal or simply a dream? Melting quicker than dessert, for some, tragedy becomes more in focus due to an obsession of achieving a heaven rather than enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Contributing to the bottomless caverns of the mind, it is reminded that seeking your utopia may differ from the common dream. B-flat challenges the continual conquest of beauty and heavenly utopias asking the viewer to consider happiness as a journey rather than a goal. B-flat is inspired by Callaghans’s short story Déjà Vu. Posing the question, when life ends does it become better afterwards or will it perhaps not be the perfect heaven everyone dreams? Is the journey of seeking utopia or achievement more glorious then the actual state itself? It may seem there are many unanswered questions however it is believed that questions lead to thought and B-flat is a contributor of exactly that.

Using a combination of semiotics, text and image and possibly the rational thought of abject, surges B-flat to the foreground of the contemporary art world. It behaves as a philosophical educator. Taking a relieving drag from your camel cigarette or being able to make a stranger blush may be as good as it gets. Though many believe that it is not, B-flat asks the viewer to not take the simple pleasures in life for granted. Besides, as mentioned in Déjà Vu “when the world ends, the world’s gonna end on B-flat.”

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