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  • Blue Eyed Blonde
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Blue Eyed Blonde
Acrylic and Newsprint on Paper 20″x39.5″

Erotically presented, the glassy surface of her red lips pucker protruding from her mechanical gaze. Her arm extends into the complex world of colour and imagery she begins to dissolve, melting before us. Obscured by her own actions, she is offered up for consumption ignored by soaring cupids and fishing kittens. It is this occurrence of illogical reflection of childhood memories that perhaps substitutes as global pop art and creates our reality? The use of popular culture, even from decades earlier, works to heighten interest in the viewer’s consciousness. Imagery from children’s nursery rhymes to images of pin up girls, all contribute to culture brought to the viewer through media and lifestyles.

Instinctively, the mind traces through Blue Eyed Blonde connecting layers of engaging differentiation. Deposited on the surface is a colourful layer of playful imagery while deeper significance throbs in the crevices of her skirt. Slipping away into the vulgar awakening of our culture, the cupid, duplicated from Raphael’s fresco Triumph of Galatea, appears at the top of the picture acting as a reminder of roman mythology – god of erotic love and beauty. Lost of innocence due to playfulness becomes an underlying message, obscured and convoluted through the eyes of Blue Eyed Blonde.

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